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In order for you to own a website you need to register it first. By registering your website's name, you can almost ensure that no one can steal it from you and as long as you pay the registration fees to prevent it from being expired, it is yours to keep.

After you have registered your website and have created all the textual, video, images, and graphic files you need to upload them to a computer that could share your files with everybody on the internet (World Wide Web). The computer that hosts your files better be secure and reliable.

At Superior Commerce not only we make sure that the host is secure, affordable and reliable (offers the most uptime), but also we make sure they have the best disaster recovery plan in place. The spaced offered by the web-hosting company must meet your business needs. As your business grows, you might want to add more features and products to your web site and that requires more storage.

At Superior Commerce we perform specific analysis to determine what exactly you need so we could eliminate any extra money you don't need to spend.