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We believe that every website/page needs to have its own personality and uniqueness. At Superior Commerce we try to use the basics, as well as the latest technology to ensure your web site is tailored and designed to fit your business model.

A good web page or site needs to have the following requirements:

Good keywords are your best friends and primary consideration when you start thinking to create a webpage. Good keyworks can make your website accessible as people search on your services. Search engines count on your keywords.

If you like to have a background, use a faint background that has contrast with images and text within the page/site. Dark backgrounds need to have light colored text and images for the page to look presentable on the web. Unfortunately, while it may look great on your monitor it won't print well at all.

Images need to be kept in proportionate size. Please keep in mind that many people still do not have the best and greatest computers. Therefore, if the image takes too long to download, you've already lost your audience's interest in your services.

Easy accessibility and navigation. Whether the site is small or large, your information needs to be within easy reach. The intended audience won't appreciate "digging" for ten minutes and too many clicks to get to their desired location. If it takes more than three links to get to a point, then re-evaluation of the website/page is needed.

Keep your content fresh. Make sure you update your webpage often. Make sure to provide an option to your viewers to bookmark your website.

Jazz but no jive. Creating pages with special effects, animations by using javascripts or Dynamic HTML is the trend now, however, bear in mind that Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape still haven't developed browser standards. Therefore, what might look really pleasing to the eye in one browser might not be even accessible in the other.

A Shopping Cart is a piece of software that facilitates an on-line storefront. The "shopping cart" keeps track of all the items that a buyer wants to purchase, allowing your customer to pay for the whole order at once.

Typically, a shopping cart is the interface between a company's Web site and its deeper infrastructure, allowing consumers to select merchandise, review what they have selected, make necessary modifications or additions, and purchase the merchandise. When a visitor decides to "check out" (purchase the items online) the software sends all order information to the merchant.

At Superior Commerce we help you to utilize the most efficient, secure, and reliable Shopping Cart in the market. Many shopping carts are not user friendly and will cause a lot of headache for the merchant to set it up. Remember, if the customer gets frustrated with your shopping cart and decides to exit, you have lost revenue. You need a shopping cart that is compatible with variety of payment processing gateways and we are here to help you to set up all the infrastructure and security layers to ensure your clients have the most intuitive way of purchasing on-line.

At Superior Commerce we design what is right for you.